Who we are & Our Brand Ethos



Who we are. The FKNG Brand is the First Lifestyle Brand for Success Warriors. We are a lifestyle brand that was created for consumers who place a high priority on personal development. It is a brand for consumers who are success minded and achievement oriented. 

What is our brand ethos? Today hundreds of brands exist in the spirits world for consumers to enjoy and celebrate and share with friends and family. We salute our comrades that offer amazing brands and phenomenal products. 

When RESIST Spirits decided to enter the spirits industry it was a decision based on offering a spectacular tasting product that consumers will enjoy. Additionally, we wanted to create a brand with a unique identity. An identity that is associated with a lifestyle for a specific consumer who have an extraordinary drive and high goals to achieve the most they can and living a life that is uncompromising. Some consumers will not or cannot understand our philosophy or brand identity. We recognize that the FKNG brand is not for everyone and that is unfortunate for them but, we respect them. However, we want to share what our name and our brand represents because we believe selecting a brand is a choice that is personal and an emotional experience. 

Your choices represents who you are. 

Our beliefs:

  • We believe in producing a Ultra-Premium spectacular tasting product that represents success. 
  • We believe in personal development. If one can do better one should try and be better. 
  • We believe Success is a choice. Nothing just happens. Life is a choice to accept how things are or to change how things are. It is your decision.
  • We believe in hard work and creating our own successes and creating our own opportunities. 
  • We believe in living life in the Arena and not living as a Spectator
  • We believe that Winners Win.
  • We believe in living life to the max. We chose to rise up and not fall down.
  • We believe in fighting for our dreams and passions. 
  • We believe in fighting for our family and our family's happiness. 
  • We believe in fighting for our health and never giving up. 
  • We believe in fighting for our territory.
  • We believe that “as you think so shall you become”. 

This is what we FKNG believe in. This is our brand. This is who we are. 


What spirits brands do you like? and what does that brand represent?