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Resist being average. 


About Us

FKNG = For Kings Not Gods


Resist Spirits is a US based company that intends to create and distribute its own line of distilled spirits starting with its flagship FKNG VODKA Brand throughout select markets in the United States.

The five product lines will consist of Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, Rum and Gin. They will be distilled from the highest quality ingredients and processed both in the USA and Mexico with the finest ingredients and tradition as has existed by craftsman for over 400 years. 

Resist Spirits are bold, smooth and original. No other Spirits will compare. The name and bottle will provide the consumer membership into an exclusive club of HIGH ACHIEVERS.

The Vodka brand will convey a lifestyle of success achieved by an uncompromising attitude of one’s boldness.

Made with Reverse Osmosis purified water, 100% grain, 5X distilled, unfiltered, unapologetic and authentic. 

Bold. Extraordinary, Attitude. 

Taste Success. 

Future Products

FKNG Whiskey          FKNG Tequila

FKNG Rum                 FKNG Gin

FKNG Products are designed for individuals who are success minded and achievement oriented. We understand what it takes to be a KING or QUEEN of industry and/or within our respective professions and we have humility - because we are not GODS. 

FKNG consumers don't FK around. Celebrate like a Boss. Be a FKNG Boss.


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Resist Spirits

19 Clifford St, Detroit, Michigan 48226, USA WeWork Office Building

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Greg Martinez Jr., MPA


Phone: 313-899-8897